Leather sugar has a long history, unique ingredients and handmade, of which the most famous one is the skin sugar, one of the most famous snacks in tianjin and the most famous in tianjin. The original sugar was a long sheet of sugar known as the big sugar, which was then packaged in a square roll for ease of packaging. Traditional skin sugar is golden and transparent. It is delicious and soft to chew. A city and a kind of delicious food meet each other, until today, 21 centuries, the skin sugar in tianjin because of the skin sugar zhang skin sugar sweet and colorful, promote the old and new.。

Grain is the food on which we live

A combination of corn and sugar

The realization of replenishment
at any time

It's a modern office

Casual snacks are back in fashion

It has rich nutritional value

Hemp flowers are rich in protein

Amino acids,


And trace elements

Hemp flower heat is moderate,
low fat

Both can be leisure taste

It can be accompanied by wine
and tea

It's an ideal snack